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비홍지경 Scarlet Borderland (KR)

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android | Ios

The description of 비홍지경 (by withHUG)

An introduction to a non-honjigyeon game
Emotional 2D fantasy strategy game now available!


The main story progress is basic, test your skills on different battlefields and provide the items you need to grow.

Any hero is a strong support for me!
In addition to the core soul, you can strengthen the core soul with your own building and nurturing method.
If you ignore the relationship with the soul, you can never be the strongest!


Bi Hongji-kyon’s unique worldview and history is enough to pique your interest!

In addition to the 70 characters at the time of release, new characters and new stories will be released in future updates, and the worldview will be expanded. Great character illustration is a definite bonus!


There is no scam in a two-dimensional world. Check out the only game with a solid fighting stance and straightforward gameplay!

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