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The description of 18TRIP (エイトリ (by 株式会社リベル・エンタテインメント)

Completely new original title “18TRIP” brought to you by Liber Entertainment and Pony Canyon (Eitri)
This work is a “hospitality adventure” set in Yokohama’s “HAMA 18 Ward” in the near future, and revolves around the theme of travel.

Although it was once one of Japan’s leading tourist destinations, HAMA District 18 is now in dire straits. The protagonist, who was born and raised in HAMA, joins the travel agency “HAMA Tours” as a “chief” in order to rebuild the tourism industry, while being involved in his childhood friend Daikoku Kawai.
Let’s plan a package tour with the unique mayors of each ward and rebuild the tourism industry!
The main story is fully voiced, including the main character!

18TRIP (エイトリ)

In the near future, everyone is eager to travel.
In JPN, where competition in the tourism industry is extremely fierce, popular tourist destinations have been operating as “independent special tourism zones”.
HAMA Ward 18, which was once one of the leading special tourist zones, has now fallen into decline and is nowhere to be seen.
The main character, who loves HAMA, where he was born and raised, struggles to rebuild the tourism industry while being involved with his childhood friend.
A little mysterious happening and a passion for hospitality.
My travel partners are tourism district leaders who are carrying baggage that they cannot tell anyone about.
Many events are recorded on the cassette, replacing the memories of an unforgettable trip.

18TRIP (エイトリ)

App overview
This is a game set in Yokohama’s “HAMA 18 Ward” in the near future, where unique characters work on the tourism industry (hospitality)!
In the game, a map screen linked to real tourist spots and attractive three-dimensional mini-characters appear!
On my page and the story section, the characters move lively with Live2D

18TRIP (エイトリ)

[POINT 1] Travel to your heart’s content through a gorgeous, fully voiced story!
The main story is fully voiced, including the main character! Furthermore, the main character can be selected and switched between men and women!
You can listen to unit songs for each group on the A and B sides of each chapter
The theme song will be provided by Penthouse, a 6-member twin “lead” vocal band from Tokyo!

18TRIP (エイトリ)

[POINT 2] Welcome tourists with the unique mayors of the 18th ward!
A “tower defense-style mini game” where you can easily place the ward chief and entertain tourists!
If you pinch the mini ward chief and place it on the map… it will entertain tourists in various ways

18TRIP (エイトリ)
18TRIP (エイトリ)

[POINT 3] Training trip function with your favorite pair! Furthermore, it is linked with real travel!
Collect souvenirs from the ward mayors using the training trip function that allows you to send the ward mayors on a trip in your favorite pair♪
Also, take on the challenge of running a travel business with the management functions of the travel agency “HAMA Tours”!
Furthermore, there is also a travel LOG function that allows you to keep a record of your real journey!
Make your trip even more fun with the AR camera that allows you to take selfies with the characters

Official website

Official – X (Twitter)

Available: Google Play / App Store – Japan

18TRIP (エイトリ)

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