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3 Kingdoms Extreme (Th)

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The description of 3 Kingdoms Extreme

Many skills, free strategy customization
Freely customize your strategy with famous warlords from 3 Kingdoms history with a variety of skills.

3 Kingdoms Extreme

Upgrade your officers without limits.
Upgrade and collect generals to strengthen the main officers. Unlock awesome skills by unlocking the military commander level.
The ability to transfer is not in vain.

3 Kingdoms Extreme

Kingdom War to the King
Defend and attack other kingdoms For supremacy Planning an army gathering Cooperate with your guild mates to attack enemies. Get supplies and resources to become the king.

3 Kingdoms Extreme

Mine and Supply War
The competition for resources and results to prosperity. Establish a plan to deal with invaders and protect resources from other warlords.

World Boss hunting for precious treasure
Team up with friends to help defeat the mighty World Boss. To get valuable treasures and powerful equipment

Battle of the strongest ranked arena
On the way to the best of the strongest players Many opponents teeth. Outsmart each other with strategy Choose the strongest team of warlords, compete for the top spot in ranked battles, and receive rich rewards.

3 Kingdoms Extreme
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