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3D Cube Adventure: Puzzle Game

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💡Platform – Android | IOS

The description of 3D Cube Adventure: Puzzle Game

Ever dreamed of starting a magic adventure?
Like to solve mysterious puzzles one by one?
Being the master of your own destiny?

3D Cube Adventure: Puzzle Game

If so, play the world’s greatest cube adventure game,3D Cube Adventure! It will fulfill every demand you have.
In the cube world, our hero, Lion, starts his magic adventure with great dream and hope. During the journey, he meets a lot of fun friends, provides help for people in trouble and write warm stories. But also, there are dangers in front of him. At this moment, you need to help Lion to find clues, solve puzzles, defeat enemies and get the chest in the end!

3D Cube Adventure: Puzzle Game

How to play
You need to rotate the cube to complete Lion’s task according to clues at each level and push the story forward!

What is fun
-Mutiple cute clay styles!
-Play the game anywhere with one-hand operation!
-Classic gameplay situable for every one!
-Specific clues help you pass levels very easily!
-Engaged in the game with intertesting stories and fun characters!
-Easy to start and chanllenging to be a master!

Intertested ? Come to download the game and play with Lion!

3D Cube Adventure: Puzzle Game
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