4WD Racer

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

Languages: Chinese

The description of 4WD Racer (by Orange Game)

4WD Racer 100% restores the classic plot, 1:1 copy four-wheel drive style, classic animation characters back in the arena, come here to experience the joy of four-wheel drive competition together!

The four-wheel drive mobile game incoming! Here, you can experience the original classic plot and feel the real Mini four-wheel drive assembly racing experience; In the game, you can choose car shell, chassis, motor and other accessories as you like, use hundreds of parts to freely assemble the most dazzling new cars, and compete fairly with friends, start the extreme speed live competition, find your own memories and happiness! Fly on the track with high speed, blow the audience, and enjoy the most exciting four-wheel drive racing experience!

Product Feature

Popular car models assembled

Faithfully reproduces all the classic models in the animation, allowing you to relive the most familiar Bakusō Kyōdai Let’s & Go!. Move your fingers, bring them into your team, and start the journey of chasing the champion together!

4WD Racer

A hundred of accessories for free DIY

Shell drilling, additional gauze, dyeing, stickers and other personalized DIY operations, a hundred different colors, styles, properties of the four-wheel drive accessories for you to combine freely, to create your unique mini four-wheel drive.

4WD Racer

Hardcore restoration of simulated reality

Extreme speed, acceleration, battery life, stability… Various parts are transformed in order to restore reality.

4WD Racer
4WD Racer

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