9UP Collectible

Official Launch(KR) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 9UP 컬렉터블 (by Ace Project Inc.)

It was made with all the heart by the steamy baseball fans of AceProject, a professional baseball game developer.

Feel the difference in the details put in each stitch.

More than just a game, enjoy the KBO at the playground of yaduks.

Collect even your impressions.

“Not a single card is discarded.”

We put a lot of value into each individually constructed player card.

Of course, being the first collector of rarity player cards

From the heartbreaking historical scene

From a card that contains even your own precious moments

Build up an unforgettable impression again.

9UP 컬렉터블
9UP 컬렉터블

Feel more fun with a clever lineup.

“How the hell are you going to make a lineup based only on year and team?”

1st selection, 15 wins club, Hotajun club, Golden Lion MVP, etc.

A colorful synergy lineup awaits.

A roster based on a player’s personality that has not been seen in any other baseball game

It makes the game more exciting.

9UP 컬렉터블
9UP 컬렉터블

It’s sweeter and more bloody than real professional baseball.

“The world of competition that is more real than real”

AceProject A sophisticated simulation engine built with 10 years of know-how!

Players’ actual records, growth values, and various synergies are harmonized.

Experience the thrilling world of unpredictable baseball.

Official website https://9up.aceproject.co.kr/

9UP 컬렉터블

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