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Serpizan Of Spielraum (Kr)

Early Access+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Serpizan Of Spielraum (by 알아츠(R-ARTS))

What kind of game is Serfijan Spilaum?
Serfijan Spilaum is a game in the genre of’AOS style real-time online battle arena’, that is,’side-scrolling MOBA with an emphasis on action’.
Battle in Serfijan Spilaum can be played by selecting’PvP mode [1:1]’ and’Defense mode [Solo]’ in the battle space called’Parablom Simulator’.
The difference from the existing AOS-style MOBA is that you can nurture or level up each player character, that is,’Seldent’, and that you can purchase and equip various equipment suitable for the Sheldent level, that is,’Osiris’ to participate in the battle. It can be said to be unique.

Serpizan Of Spielraum

Sheldent’s level can be raised with experience gained in’Defense Mode’, and’Osiris’ can be purchased and equipped with game money acquired in PvP, such as’Jelly’ or Cash, or’Merit’.
[In the future, open worlds such as’PvP 2:2 Mode’,’Cooperative Raid Mode’ and’Sertonica’ are in preparation.]

Serpizan Of Spielraum

How does PvP work?
Serfijan Spilaum prioritizes side-scrolling line battles with an emphasis on action.
It is an AOS-style combat method in which you win by destroying the two defense towers of the opponent first.
The line is a three-story structure, and the first and third floors are jungle lines with neutral monsters, and the second floor is the main line battlefield with defensive towers.
Players can control the Sheldent, or player character, along with the minions being summoned, to attack the line with strategic movements tailored to each Sheldent trait.

Serpizan Of Spielraum

Can you give tips on character selection at Serfijan Spilaum?
The play character in Serfijan Spilaum is called’Seldent’.
There are currently 5 Sheldents, and it is a playable character that can enjoy various battles with differentiated’Skill’ and’Osiris’.

I will explain the 5 Sheldents.

-The first Sheldent is’Persina’.
Sheldent uses close range Osiris and features excellent defense and strength.
You can engage in enemies and use powerful linkages to engage in stable battles.
Especially, it shows a special look at close range.

Serpizan Of Spielraum

-The second Sheldent is’Fairia’.
Sheldent has a long range and optimized maneuverability with a long range Osiris.
You can enjoy flexible battles tailored to the situation with technologies with various debuffs.

-The third Sheldent is’Isaka’.
Sheldent stands out for strength and momentum using a close-range Osiris.
It is specialized in chasing using powerful rushes, and has a powerful appearance that drives enemies into limbs with continuous strokes without rest.

Serpizan Of Spielraum

-The fourth Sheldent is’Theresa’.
Sheldent specializes in strategic linkage tactics with turrets and drones using long-range heavy weapons type Osiris.
Enjoy tactical movements and the fun of lure your opponents into traps to end the battle with focused fire.

-The fifth Sheldent is’Vezra’.
It is an attractive Sheldent that uses ionic energy and uses unique technology.
It has a unique tactic of winning by confusing enemies with unexpected attack patterns.

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