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A Dark Dream

Early access+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of A Dark Dream (by SKMDESIGNZ)

A dark dream about saving a family. The hero has to face greater and greater challenges and soon finds himself in a battle that takes on greater proportions than he ever thought possible.

A classic 2D-style action adventure in a networked world. Explore forests, ruins, and battles against creatures on an island of mystery.
Learn new Abilities that will help you to progress in the game, or reach locations that were previously unreachable.
Game Features:

A Dark Dream
A Dark Dream
A Dark Dream
A Dark Dream

– An adventure game with Metroidvania elements with a classic 8-bit look that exudes a certain retro atmosphere.
– Learn new skills to continue in the game.
– Use your new abilities to find hidden rooms and solve puzzles to get unique items.
– Collect loot to craft new weapons and equipment.
– Explore dungeons, defeat nasty enemies and powerful bosses to get extra rare items.
– Use your hard earned loot in the store for new equipment and potions.
– Talk to NPCs to find out more about the world and its inhabitants.
– Also complete smaller quests aside from the main story.
– a adventure in a dark and dreamy world with multiple areas.
– A non-procedural handmade metroidvania.

A Dark Dream
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