A Story of A Company!

Official Launch – Global

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of A Story of A Company! (by Buff Studio (Story Games, Calm Games)

A Story of a Company is a heart-warming visual novel about the everyday lives of animal/ human Hybrids at work. The story of the ordinary lives of extraordinary Hybrid characters is a journey of growth and self-reflection.

This easy to play messenger-based office novel game is interactive and simulates a real day at work while helping you relax.

Exciting visual novel about animal/ human Hybrids

Howl is a newbie in Sales Team 3 at BF Pharmaceuticals.
Every day is an ordinary day with his extraordinary human/ animal Hybrid colleagues.

As he passed the days gaming and worrying about bills, he gets shocking news.

“Excuse me? What did you say?”
“Sales Team 3 is going to disappear?”

A Story of A Company!

About the game
– Just relax and read and you can get to the ending easily!
– Messenger-based visual novel game about Hybrid characters.
– Choose from various routes in this omniverse style visual novel
– Interesting and unique animal/ human Hybrid characters
– The characters’ fate changes with each choice the player makes
– Multiple endings, epilogues, accomplishments, and character data make it fun to play multiple times
– Beautiful, watercolor style illustrations
– Step into the everyday office drama through the exciting conversations

A Story of A Company!

A Story of a Company is just for you!
– Fans of ‘7days’, or ‘Underworld Office, or ‘Romantic Holic’
– Fans of games about life, story games, and calm games
– Fans of easy games, indie games, heart-warming games
– Fans of interactive simulation visual novel games like Maybe, Storypick, and Mystic Messenger
– Fans of text-based games like light novels or visual novels
– Fans of calm games, romance games, chat-based games, choose your own adventure games
– Fans of games like Choice or Episode where you can choose the story
– Fans of unique indie games and games that can help you relax
– Fans of stories of everyday life, or games with animal characters
– People who want to fall in love with a peaceful story about everyday life, or modern corporate life
– Fans of chat-based messenger games
– Fans of interactive story games
– Fans of visual novels, and genres with animal characters
– Fans of romance manga, romance games, calm games
– Fans of Day7’s games or games like Mystic Messenger

A Story of A Company!

“A Story of a Company” is a visual novel game that let’s you choose your story as you experience the various office politics, drama, and conflict of an ordinary company. Unlock the secret stories and experienec the numerous episodes in the many chapters of the story. Your choice will open up new stories.

A Story of A Company!

Created by ©PalmassGames

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