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Absolute Sword King

Official Launch(VN) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

Official launch, July 18th.

The description of Tuyệt Thế Kiếm Vương (by ASIA TECHNOLOGY ENTERTAINMENT)

Super product 3D mobile MMORPG Absolute Sword King officially launched on July 18!!!
They love obeying orders, sweeping the Heavenly Court
A breakthrough swordplay game with unique content, top-notch graphics. The Great Sword King will bring the young knight to a world full of life and truth.
Join the arduous adventure, together with the gypsy brothers, join forces to eliminate evil. Train yourself, compete in the national war, step by step become the First Martial Lam!

Special content

The world of swordplay is vast, free to explore
The world of swordplay has been designed in 3 years! Freedom to explore, unleash roaming.
3D perspective, see the beautiful scenery of the world:
Clouds fly, natural scenery, majestic mountains. Everything has been polished down to every detail!

Tuyệt Thế Kiếm Vương

Freedom to change positions and reincarnation
With 6 main sects and 24 transfer branches, free to change as you like
Easy system switching, simple operation in the blink of an eye! Be your own boss, conquer the peak career!

Tuyệt Thế Kiếm Vương

Taoist companion, make soul friends
Brothers united, fighting side by side
Make companions, except for evil and evil

Tuyệt Thế Kiếm Vương

Raging the world
Forge God’s Army Phap Bao, strengthen yourself, become the hegemony of martial arts!
Inter-server market system, free to trade, master the game

Official Facebook community

Available: Google Play | App Store – VN

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