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Abyss – Roguelike ARPG

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Abyss (by Titans Entertainment Limited)

Legend has it that there is a door that confuses people’s hearts, which is a passage to another world.
Journey to a mysterious ruin filled with magic and monsters.

The ancient ruins are full of terrifying monsters, and the lost have to become adventurers and make themselves powerful!
Although my heart is full of cowardice and fear, in order to return to the original world, I can only go down step by step…

And a long time ago, someone named this strange place, a proper name – the abyss.

Endless Abyss Explore unknown history
An underground world full of biotechnology, energy and alien monster elements
Can you survive the desperate situation, or never return?

Abyss - Roguelike ARPG

ARPG Roguelike game Every time is a new adventure
Step into the endless underground floors, choose every step carefully, every choice will determine your life and death!
Randomly generate different effects, in order to survive, or attack is the best defense?

Abyss - Roguelike ARPG

Cultivating characters is the key to success
Defeat the relic monsters and collect materials to strengthen characters!
Exercise the magic core, strengthen skills, forge explorer weapons, and enhance the combat effectiveness of characters!

Abyss - Roguelike ARPG

Refreshing Strike Create your own genre
Melee strike? High explosive magic? Long-range sniping? Change your attack style anytime, anywhere!
The battle situation is changing rapidly, freely match weapon skills, adjust the battle strategy in a timely manner, and create infinite possibilities!

Abyss - Roguelike ARPG

Multiple people work together to defeat the BOSS
Recruit partners with unique abilities, explore the best team match, and unite to defeat the powerful devil and reach the deepest part of the ruins!
Gather team members, bring your partners to work together to clear the level, and crack the epic dungeon!

Abyss - Roguelike ARPG

Presenting you with a non-mainstream bio-punk world
Artwork-level hand-painted style, eye-catching special effects of attack and dodge, and dark-type alien monsters
Present you an extraordinary and weird world beyond science!

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Abyss - Roguelike ARPG

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