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Abyss and Warriors

💡 Platform – Android

The description of 深淵與勇士 (by Wanda Cinemas Games)

The Tree of Creation was annihilated, and the continent of Alancia formed by smoke and dust was in disaster again. The Demon King, who was banished by the God of Time to the unknown depths of the underground, created the Demonic Rift. The destined people chosen by the God of Time form an adventure group, break into the abyss, fight with blood and fire to create the name of warrior, and seal the devil!

Abyss and Warriors

The pleasure of unlimited combos
Sword fighter, fighter, musketeer, and magician, the four major professions can be changed freely! Choose from a variety of more than ten professional branches, experience a highly flexible combination of combat skills, easily perform back attacks and floats, and enjoy the thrill of action combat with unlimited combos!

Abyss and Warriors

Multiple copies of fun
The Demonic Rift is open! Warriors formed a team to challenge the difficult dungeons of Star Abyss and Palace of Tribulations, and explore mythical equipment. In one exhilarating battle after another, experience the fun of diverse dungeon gameplay and reap the achievements of team pioneering!

Abyss and Warriors

Fair competitive fighting
An arena for one-on-one duels, where equipment attributes are reset to zero, a truly fair competition! Rely on more precise combat skills, feel the all-round thrill of combat, and experience heart-pounding matching battles!

Create exclusive equipment
Each profession corresponds to exclusive weapons, and the equipment is self-made and freely selected, giving you a fighting style unique to you!

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Available: Google Play – TW, HK

Abyss and Warriors

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