Abyss on ZEMIT – NFT/P2E

Pre-download Open + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The official release will be 11/9. 13:00pm (UTC+8)

The description of Abyss on ZEMIT (by ZEMITER)

ABYSS on ZEMIT is an extremely strategic and revolutionary action MMORPG genre.
Combined metamorphosis guardian system and Differentiation of your items
with your own combination on the blockchain while competing with other players
on your way to the top! Let’s Play to Earn!

Special rewards will be given to players that participate in the ABYSS on ZEMIT
Pre-registration. so sign up and reserve your spot today!

Combined Transformation Guardian System

– Combine with more than 90 kinds of Guardians to sweep the Battlefield.

– Enjoy various Stats through the Guardians of the 5 Attributes of Angel, Demon, Otherworldly, Spirit, and Machine.

– Only normal Buffs are provided to Guardians before combining.

Abyss on ZEMIT - NFT/P2E

100 World Boss

– Top-quality Weapon/Equipment crafting materials are dropped from the World Boss of each Channel.

– The World Boss of Channel 1 can only be challenged by the Top 100 Rankers, and special Items can be obtained.

Abyss on ZEMIT - NFT/P2E

Elite Boss System

– If you join forces with a Guild Member, you can subdue the powerful Elite Boss of the Dungeon.

– the submissive Elite Boss gives Buffs to the Guild Members every day and becomes a reliable Guardian.

Abyss on ZEMIT - NFT/P2E

Your Own Equipment System

– you can differentiate yourself from others by Combining your own Equipment.

– Equipment is crafted with a 100% chance and will not be destroyed no matter how much you enhance it.

Storm Skill

– you can experience various Skill Trees for each Class.

– Try to achieve victory with your own strategy by setting successive Skills such as Link, Take, Growth, and Stack to achieve victory with your own strategy.

Official website https://abyss.zemiter.io/

Official Facebook Fan Group: https://www.facebook.com/abyssonzemiter

Discord https://discord.com/invite/U3N2EkR88r

Airdrop : bit.ly/AbyssAD

Abyss on ZEMIT - NFT/P2E

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