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Mythic Path

Soft Launch – Open Beta + APK – Data will not be deleted

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Abyssal Sword (by Games Hub Hong Kong Limited)

is a next generation 3D player-oriented epic fantasy idle MMORPG game. As a soul that has been blessed by the gods, you venture upon a great adventure that spans multiple lands, in a quest to defeat the Primal Foe.

Switch between many Heroes
Face the evil of the abyss with your Heroes!
The blind prophet, the cursed fox spirit, and even the sneaky demon that escaped from the abyss… Your adventuring team is comprised of many Heroes, and you can select the best ones to face powerful enemies and challenges by your side!

Mythic Path

Rich battle experience, strategic team building
Each Hero possesses many possible talent routes, accompanied by a rich variety of equipment, and a skill slotting system. This allows you to easily customize your team, and breeze through your challenges!

Mythic Path

AFK on a vertical screen, level up, and get equipment easily
Don’t have much spare time, but want to power up quickly? A vertical screen lets you play with just one hand, so you can have fun anytime, anywhere!
Even when you AFK for a break, your Heroes are still engaged in auto battle, and will automatically pick up all the loot! There’s no need to perform complicated controls. Achieve victory and reap benefits while you relax!

Mythic Path

Explore the map, and investigate dungeons
During your adventures, you will explore the mysteries of the immense game world, encounter bizarre events, choose between good and evil, and collect beautiful and exquisite game art;
Dive deep into mysterious dungeons! The roguelike game play will supply you with fresh experiences every time you go on adventuring!

Mythic Path

Fight alongside Guild members on a global server
You will share the same global server with players from all over the world. Explore this magical world together with multicultural friends;
Follow your team leader as part of the dungeon team to achieve easy victories and win treasure; you can also join a Guild to take part in tournaments, and fight enemies for glory!


Available: Google Play – PH

Abyssal Sword

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