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Acadia M

Official Launch(KR) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 아카디아M (by Sugarfun Games)

Game introduction

Arcadia M is a fantasy MMORPG where you go on adventures with dragons. The story unfolds in the medieval continent of Arcadia, where races such as humans, giant dragons, sub-dragons, and Pocori coexist in harmony. As the heir to an ancient Dragon Warrior family, we embark on a journey of growth with the goal of becoming a legendary Dragon Warrior, defeating Nidhogg and defending the continent of Arcadia. During the adventure, we will write the colorful legend of the dragon warrior through encounters with various characters, including the princess of the kingdom of Arcadia who inherited dragon blood, and the dragon girl who has ancient dragon lineage!

Game Features

Various training systems to form bonds with monster friends
Every Dragon Warrior on his journey encounters a variety of creatures unique to Arcadia. You can go on a journey with a variety of mounts that provide characteristics to the Dragon Warrior, unique companions such as the excellent fighting power Dragoon and Pokori! Life on the continent of Arcadia will never be lonely if you train and work with dragons and pocories to help you on your adventures!


Gather Dragon Warriors, protect Arcadia with powerful jobs!
A warrior with high melee defense, a wizard with powerful ranged attacks, a flexible and agile archer, and a dancer who assists the team through healing! At the beginning of the game, you can choose the job you like from 4 major jobs, and after that, you can enjoy a unique training system through various job advancements.


Various dungeon challenges, giant dragon hunting with friends
Arcadia M offers a variety of multiplayer dungeons and single player challenge dungeons,
The Break system is introduced to provide more strategic fun. Prove your skills by challenging the giant dragon boss with your friends and enjoy the fun by acquiring items such as equipment and resources!


Unique Dragon Quartz system, strengthening combat power with strategic combinations
Dragon Quartz is a mysterious crystal that contains the power of the powerful dragon source, and has 5 levels of quality and over 100 types of skill properties. Through strategic Dragon Quartz combinations, you can greatly improve your fighting power! Challenge various dungeons and collect rare dragon quartz!


Create a unique My Home, enjoy healing time after battle
Combat isn’t the only routine in Arcadia M. Besides hunting, you can enjoy a leisurely time! Various casual contents such as unique home-themed DIY, dance parties with friends, cooking, fishing, farming, and gathering are prepared!

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