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ACE: idle card battle & story

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of ACE: idle card battle & story (by Lit Games Development)

Welcome to Augmented Combat Experience, a.k.a. ACE, the place where you can be whoever you want! Defeat your enemies as a superhero, seduce your lovers as an undercover spy, develop your skills, and become the most powerful figure in the world!

Living in the near future, you make your money by hacking into security systems. One day, you find a VR simulation that changes your life forever… With ACE, you dive into adventures that help you to improve your skills in real life. Every second you spend there helps you become a better fighter, hacker, and the best at all the mind games possible. You are the main character of your story, and only your decisions determine where it goes!

The immersive world of ACE offers you the unique combination of cyberpunk and comic style interactive novels and battle cards to help you to achieve your goals!

Enjoy the most fascinating visual novels, full of adventure, romance, and passion. In just a few seconds you will enter your own exciting story!

– Experience unique emotions!
– Destroy the villains!
– Choose any girl you like and watch her fall in love with you!
– Make meaningful choices that will determine the road your journey takes!


ACE is the most exclusive experience, and a new twist for fans of the genre.

– Meet beautiful girls and get unique cards with their images on it!
– Increase the power in every card division: “Dominance”, “Agility” and “Intuition”.
– Boost your energy and level up your cards in the cool adventures we have prepared for you!
– Enter the battle with different enemies in every chapter!
– Look cool and increase your abilities with a variety of costumes!
– Double the fun with amazing illustrations and graphics!
– Get a personal assistant: a gamer girl, who explains the rules of everything to you and will be your faithful companion throughout the stories!
– An exciting role-playing game, where you can get your resources even on auto mode!

Choose the game of your dreams and download a new reality full of danger and adrenaline!

We can’t wait to offer you our best stories:


You are an ordinary clerk fighting for a better life in a metropolis. Now instead of your office routine, you are waiting for dangerous adventures, hot girls, and fierce fights!

ACE: idle card battle & story


– Become a super-agent and travel the world.
– Learn how to fight and use weapons.
– Seduce one of the beautiful female agents.
– Destroy the sinister organization and save the world!

Ancient powers:

College life is never easy, especially when you and your friends suddenly become the owners of ancient superpowers that you can use however you want. Now it’s your turn to decide – what kind of hero do you want to be?

ACE: idle card battle & story


– Gain powers and become a superhero!
– Start a relationship with the girl of your dreams!
– Defeat the demons from hell!
– Save your homeland from the invasion of evil!

Available: Google Play – Armenia

ACE: idle card battle & story

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