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Ace of Heroes

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The description of Ace of Heroes

To protect homeland and your people, you need to summon most legendary warriors and assemble a legion. As a commander, you must train your army, gear up the best weapons for them! Start an epic PVP war immediately, throne is waiting for you!

Download now to be the Ace of heroes of the world!

Over 200+ Epic heroes
Blade wielders, Pikemen, Bowmen and Riders!
200+ Historical heroes from 7 kingdoms!
All game characters are elaborately portrayed by famous designers.
Fulfill your desire of collection and your visual experience!

Ace of Heroes

Strategy Gameplay, 1000+ lineups
This game has the most balance character system of the world!
Each hero has its unique skills, all heroes are worthy to give a shot and farm!
Let your lineup go extreme, and beat down other players around the world!

Ace of Heroes

Epic PVP battle
Be the top one and you are empowered to rule the kingdom!
Deploy your best lineup, never give up the dream of being the king.
PVP battles are running at every moment! Carefully, watch out your throne.

Ace of Heroes

Conquer kingdoms with worldwide players
The battles between kingdoms are the symbol of this game.
Player assembles army, fight with teammates for their kingdom’s honor!
When battles start, players can see how their land be extended in real-time!

Ace of Heroes

Defeat BOSS for grand reward
The most dangerous monsters are hiding at every stages!
Each monster has different power and weakness.
Only fight with alliance together with special lineup can cross over the stage!

Endless fun game play
Enjoy your ruler life in this game!
Commerce, hunting treasures, and building up your land…,etc.
All funny game plays that you can or cannot imagine are all included in this game!

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Ace of Heroes
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