Adroverse Battle Arena – NFT/P2E

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The description of Adroverse Battle Arena (by Adroverse Foundation)

Adroverse – Metaverse of Heroes!
For Our Card Game Fans!

Adroverse Battle Arena (ABA) is a strategic Collectible Card Game (CCG) game where players take the role of 31st century doomsday survivors, having to fight for the survival of themselves and their fellows!
At the same time, one will have to conduct financial and economical strategy to build their own space cities, in order to conquer the universe again.

Adroverse Battle Arena - NFT/P2E

Get ready to build your “dream team” by collecting multiple gladiator cards
Upgrade to empower your gladiators and get ready for cards battle!
Plan your battle strategy to fight and defeat your opponents!
Lead your team to victory!
Complete missions and achievements for rewards!

Adroverse Battle Arena - NFT/P2E

ABA is very community-friendly, so you can enjoy and have a good time while play this card battle game with your friends! Anyone can join to fulfill their hobbies as:
Card battle lovers
Those who love to collect high art quality cards.
Anyone who love to think big, and outplay their opponent with their smart strategy
Or those who love the Scifi-theme game

Adroverse Battle Arena - NFT/P2E

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Adroverse Battle Arena - NFT/P2E

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