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Adventure Reborn

Official Launch + Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Adventure Reborn (by Dali Games)

Adventure Reborn is a captivating story adventure game, that is set in the universe known from the Lucid Dream Adventure. The game, which, thanks to the recognition of players and reviewers around the world, became one of the finalists of the Google Play Indie Showcase 2019 competition, won a number of awards, and its number of players reached over 3 million!

Adventure Reborn

In Adventure Reborn, you will guide the story of Hope, a girl who holds the key to unraveling the mysteries of dangerous plagues haunting the world.

Who are the mysterious Dr. Frank and the Crow sect that supports him? Will his sinister plan be finalized? What role does Hope play in it?

Adventure Reborn

You will find the answers to these questions while exploring dozens of dazzling graphics, colorful locations. Challenge yourself with hundreds of puzzles, designed with attention to every detail. Meet amazing characters and discover secrets hidden in the post-apocalyptic world of Adventure Reborn!

Adventure Reborn

About Dali Games:
Dali Games is a small indie studio from Europe. We are a group of enthusiasts for whom creating games is more than just providing high-level entertainment. We have a lot of unconventional ideas, and in our productions, we try to raise important social problems, intrigue, and encourage reflection.

Adventure Reborn
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