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Adventure Squad

Official Launch + APK

Languages: Chinese

💡 Platform – Android

The description of 冒险小分队新马版 (by X.P. Games)

“Adventure Squad” is a casual strategy mobile game for girls’ card development.
Exquisite and dynamic girl painting, strategic lineup combination, leisure Buddhism and liver protection, exciting activities and rich gameplay, experience a different girl adventure continent!

World Background:
The crisis in the adventure world gradually emerged, making all races feel the breath of danger. In order to resist the complete outbreak of the crisis, the remaining human commanders and the justice girls formed the “Oasis Alliance” to protect people’s safety with high walls.
Rich human beings who believe in technology and knowledge choose to arm their bodies with technology; the survival of the primitive orcs living in seclusion in the depths of the forest is threatened, and in order to maintain the belief in natural harmony, they appear in front of the world.
The commander who survived in the shelter with the girls, a long adventure has quietly begun…

Game Features:
The cute girl, the Japanese style of painting is casually cultivated!
Exquisite dynamic girl portraits, soft and cute royal sisters are waiting for you to collect! It is especially sweet and warm to have girls accompanying you on the road of adventure. Recruit your favorite girls, interact with them intimately, and open her secret story to go on an adventure together!


Joint attack skills, the bond of love is gorgeous!
The girl bond is full of love, and the bond girl lineup can trigger super combined attack skills when they play at the same time! Presenting gorgeous special effects, there are also cute and cute points that you may not expect!


Strategic formation, free matching and brain-burning adventure!
The rich girl cards and brain-burning lineup combinations are enough for you to study hard on the road of adventure. Quickly activate the commander’s strategizing mind and organize the girls to set off towards the adventure continent!


Airboat dormitory, enjoy a warm and quiet time!
The far side of the shelter is a dangerous battlefield, and behind the shelter is the resting place of the girl’s dormitory. The warm girls’ dormitory is handed over to the commander to dress up and decorate, so let’s set up a warm and happy home for the girls!

Girls resonate, share the level to easily protect the liver!
The girl’s awakening card resonates, and 100% of training resources are recycled! Change the lineup of girls without damage, card development is easy and protects the liver, and you can play immediately!

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Available: Google Play – SG, MY


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