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AFK Journey


💡 Platform – Android | PC

The description of AFK Journey (by FARLIGHT)

AFK Journey is a 3D world-based strategy card RPG. In Esperia, a world that looks like a fantasy picture book, you, the Chosen One, will embark on the journey to fight the Faceless, banish the Miasma with your companions, and create your own legends! Chosen One, your companions are already waiting for you at the tavern. Let’s go!

Game Features
-Experience a dynamic, vibrant world
Vivid geography and rich ecological systems combined with ever-changing weather over a day/night cycle form an immersive world. In AFK 2, you befriend heroes from various factions, battle powerful enemies, gather collectible rewards, complete puzzles, and immerse yourself in the gripping storylines.

AFK 2: Journey

-Collect exquisite heroes
Collect and train up dozens of unique, exciting heroes on your adventure. Take on all kinds of enemies, and wonder at the prowess of every hero.

AFK 2: Journey

-Multi-faceted tactical battles
Perfect your lineups by mixing and matching your heroes. Choose when to cast skills and when to use interactive objects in combat.

AFK 2: Journey

– Idle earnings make leveling up a breeze
Idle “AFK” rewards mean you are progressing your account even while you are sleeping.
The sharing of hero equipment and hero levels makes account progression easier than ever.

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AFK 2: Journey

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