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AFK Battle : Idle Princess

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android | ios

The description of AFK Battle : Idle Princess (by GOBOOGIE GAMES)

 Idle SRPG
Highly addictive Simulation RPG action
• Adventure to collect over 200 brave and powerful heroes.
• Infinite Stages, Daily Quests, Infinite Side Challenges and more.
• Control the fate of every battle with your own matchmaking strategy.

AFK Battle : Idle Princess

Infinite Revenue
Free to play, no need for pay to win
• Extensive rewards for clearing adventure stages
• Unlimited free prizes every day
• No more failed upgrades! Hero & Equipment Enhancement 100% guaranteed!

AFK Battle : Idle Princess

Create your own super defense team and challenge others
• All-server PvP with no level restrictions. Do you dare?!
• Combat, hunt, and upgrade skills alongside your guild.
• Share the love. Send hearts to friends and receive bigger prizes.

AFK Battle : Idle Princess

Build Your Own AFK Dream Team
Put together a diverse team of heroes for your adventure
• Each hero has their own unique personality, story, and ability.
• Choose from 6 different elements to give yourself the upperhand in battle
• Water (Cooler), Fire (Efreet), Earth (Laiquendi), Air (Censu), Light (Soma), Darkness (Spirit Shadow)

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AFK Battle : Idle Princess
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