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AFK Heroes Legend:New Strategy Card Game

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The description of AFK Heroes Legend

Set out and fight for the creation of the continent!
The world continent was suddenly invaded by evil race, the core of the continent – creation crystal broken, the continent is divided, ten thousand creatures waiting for your salvation!

AFK Heroes Legend:New Strategy Card Game

The god Of creation, Frey, grants you the power to gain energy and gold. Meanwhile, he sends the goddess Teresa and the magician Odin to join your army and seek the help of the six RACES to recruit their heroes and repair the broken crystal of creation.

Game features:
– Idle gameplay: Your hero will fight automatically, including exit time, and don’t forget to collect your loot every 12 hours!

AFK Heroes Legend:New Strategy Card Game

– Enrich heroes: Hundreds of heroes of different RACES, with special skills, recruit and train them, wear the warrior’s armor, and fight for your mission!

AFK Heroes Legend:New Strategy Card Game

– Cross country: train your heroes hard, they will meet the challenges of other nations in the arena, more resourceful warriors will win the glory of victory!

– Evil leader: Join the guild and unite the other warriors to defeat the invading evil leader!

– Make friends effortlessly: Find your adventure partner during an exciting battle for the chance to start a romantic love story!

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AFK Heroes Legend:New Strategy Card Game
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