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AFK Heroes Legends-Idle Battle

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of AFK Heroes Legends-Idle Battle (by Heartbeat Game)

A very exciting Diablo-like RPG Game with lots of adventure fun. Recruit excellent HEROES, lead the powerful HEROES to fight for Glory in the DARK world!

Play for FUN in this award-winning RPG game now! Start to make legendary equipment, equip them to strengthen your heroes and yourself. Collect TREASURES in adventure, and against the invasion.

The whole DARK world is counting on you! Claim your Destiny Now!

勇者傳說 - 暗黑勇士養成放置冒險RPG遊戲


  • Recruit excellent HEROES to help your team.
  • Take the HEROES to release powerful skills.
  • Lead the most faithful HEROES to fight for your glory.
  • Fight against millions of monsters in the DARK world.
  • Forge powerful equipment for you & your heroes.
  • Defeat Monsters in the map, get rare equipment ingredients totally for FREE!
勇者傳說 - 暗黑勇士養成放置冒險RPG遊戲

Game Background
In the final battle of the earth, King Arthur was seriously injured and was on the verge of death. Three fairies sent him to the holy land of Avalon. It is said that he was finally buried there, but people believe that King Arthur did not die.
A few years later, the guardian of Avalon, the nine fairy queens who wielded powerful magic, suddenly disappeared, and in the mist at the edge of Avalon, a large number of undead and demon figures appeared.
The harmony and tranquility of the Holy Land were thus broken, and the cities and villages where various ethnic groups lived were destroyed one by one in the attack of the Legion of Terror. The suffering people gathered in the last city they had left, praying to the Great Prophet to inform them of the direction of the future.

勇者傳說 - 暗黑勇士養成放置冒險RPG遊戲

“Please whisper, a sleeping king is about to wake up, he will hold the sword of the king, he will gather twelve knights, he will invincible, defeat all evil. Who is he? The Eternal King – Arthur

勇者傳說 - 暗黑勇士養成放置冒險RPG遊戲

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