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AFK Hunters

Official Launch+Apk

Since time immemorial, Darkness has reigned. In a never-ending struggle spanning the ages, the races have sought to revive the ancient Light, for that is the one thing the Darkness fears.

AFK Hunters

Heroes hailing from different races and origins have been spurred to battle by power, glory and survival. But their goal is singular – to unearth and return Light to the world once more.

AFK Hunters

They huddle around their campfires, the only thing left to keep the dark away, hoping for that sliver of light to guide their journey through the dark abyss. The future of the world depends on them.

AFK Hunters

Idle Combat
Your heroes will continue training when you’re away. They will become more powerful when you return later. Earn rewards and EXP without all the grind! Build a strong team and fight for the Light!

AFK Hunters

Hundreds of Heroes
The factions await your summoning. Gain access to secrets of the dwarves, elves, angels and many more. Collect your heroes and train them for the mission against evil. Hundreds of heroes await your call.

Strategy Evolution
Each hero is unique in characteristics and skills. Every victory in battle depends on your hero choices and who you choose to upgrade. Choose from 6 elements, 100+ heroes and countless team combinations to form your legendary team.

Global Arena
Players from all over the world will join in and fight hard to prove themselves. Challenge your opponents and become the Champions of Light.

Find out the battle position that suits you best, and move forward to the battlefield!

Come and download it for free now!

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AFK Hunters
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