AFK Monster: Summon Legend TD

Early access – Open Beta + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of AFK Monster: Summon Legend TD (by Dino Go)

Welcome to the very unique idle tower defense game. Build a powerful army of your own, fight with a tribe of monsters against the army of Light, and gradually reveal the hidden secrets from thousands of years ago.


While participating in intense battles or even when the device is off, your Hive is still working, you still gain rewards from AFK mode. A lot of rewards for you to upgrade your heroes and monsters, and be ready to defeat any enemy. You can build your Hive AFK mode to get bigger rewards and collect even more valuable resources!!!

AFK Monster: Summon Legend TD


Dozens of heroes and powerful skills, each with different talent paths, combined with monsters and towers from the clan. Each player will build an extremely distinct army for themselves. Strategies and mechanics in the game are so vast, a sky of knowledge for you to explore!!!

AFK Monster: Summon Legend TD


Besides fighting against the army of light, you can explore the Dungeon mode, buy and sell artifacts, participate in bounty hunting to collect resources, and upgrade Heroes, Monsters as well as Towers. Additionally, you can also sail with the legendary captain to the sea to discover new lands.

AFK Monster: Summon Legend TD


You are not alone in the game world, enter the world arena to test your army with other players. With army battle modes, 5 heroes vs 5 heroes, 1 hero vs 1 hero solo battle, you are going to have extremely harsh challenges from other players. Try to reach the highest rank and win enticing rewards.

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AFK Monster: Summon Legend TD

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