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AFK War Heroes:RPG Games

Official Launch+Apk

The description of AFK War Heroes:RPG Games

AFK War Heroes are idle, AFK, turn-based, RPG type games,Create a comfortable experience for you in the world of MMO RPG. Can challenge mobile game players from all over the world,Smash the enemy on the battlefield.

This will change your perception of AFK games!

AFK War Heroes:RPG Games

Since the birth of this continent,The war between heroes has always happened.
Heroes from all over the world,Summoned to the battlefield,Give the spirit of adventure,Justice mission,Fight for their beliefs.These RPG players are about to start a new legend,Continue to write the magical future.

AFK War Heroes:RPG Games

Game features
Idle AFK offline system
In order to highlight the core gameplay of AFK War Heroes, we adopted an offline AFK system,You can get rewards offline.
Players only need to arrange the AFK lineup heroes in advance,You can continue the adventure battle with offline AFK,Easily obtain epic weapons and legendary heroes!

AFK War Heroes:RPG Games

Various strategy configuration on-hook lineup
Six factions, five professions!
Dozens of cool hero shapes and hundreds of powerful personal skills!
Factions can match each other to get different attribute bonuses!
And get epic equipment through AFK gameplay,Greatly enhance the fighting power of heroes,Simple operation,Let RPG players experience the enjoyment of the game.

A copy of a variety of activities reward
Interesting expeditions and climbing towers,Valiant trials,Mysterious Tavern Mission,Multiplayer PK arena,very interesting!

Legend Guild Arena
Form a strongest guild arena with other players!
Fight side by side with the heroes in the guild arena and challenge the powerful guild BOSS!
Compete with other guilds for the reputation of the legendary guild arena!

AFK War Heroes:RPG Games
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