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Age of Alliance

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The description of Age of Alliance

Age of Alliance is an MMORPG specially catered to serious players! If you have been dreaming of fighting epic battles, training dragons, and meeting creatures from exotic clans, this is definitely the game for you!

In the mythical world called Vollandia, you are the chief commander of your City. Not only do you have tens of thousands of soldiers at your beck and call, you also get to chart the overall direction of your City. What’s more, you get to meet friends and foes across Kingdoms, and leave your footprints everywhere you go!

Engage in Global Battles with Real-Time Translation
With real-time translation, interact with players from all over the world without any barriers! Form alliances with elite players across the globe and take down enemies together!

Age of Alliance

3D Environment for an Immersive Experience
Feast your eyes on exquisite graphics as you venture out into the mythical world!

Age of Alliance

Powerful Hero Lineup and Customizable Castle
Entrust Heroes to guard your City’s borders while you ponder which Castle Skin to use for the upcoming season!

Age of Alliance

Turn Your Troops to Your Advantage
Show off your military prowess when you send different troops and formations into epic battles!

Age of Alliance

Accomplish More with Guild Floatress and Airships
Build exclusive Guild facilities with your Guildmates, and soar to greater heights with impressive airships!

Acquaint Yourself with the Dragon
The legendary dragon has awakened from its slumber! Groom it and make it your ally on the battlefield!

Age of Alliance
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