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Age of Explorers – Demo

Early access – Alpha

💡Platform – Android

The description of Age of Explorers (by tap4fun)

Congratulations on being part of the Age of Explorers Private Demo!

We’re preparing a new massive 4X SLG Strategy game with thousands of players on the world map, unique NPC monsters, resources to harvest, and special buildings to control with your Clan. All this set in a mysterious fantasy universe to explore!

Age of Explorers

The game also features an additional game mode with RPG elements. You will assemble a team of 4 Heroes and take them to explore strange dungeons, solve puzzles and fight monsters. Explore dungeons to obtain fantastic loot and equip it on your Heroes to increase your power on the world map!

Age of Explorers

This dungeon exploration sequence is what you will find in this Demo. We have prepared one dungeon with enough content to give you a glimpse of the complete experience, including puzzles to interact with and monsters so you can try our new fighting system in real-time and slot-based. The position of each Hero and enemy determines the attacks and skills you can use. Another cool thing? We use Procedural Level Design, which means you will never explore the same dungeons twice!

Age of Explorers

We’re offering much more than just playing a Demo. Join our Discord server and talk directly with us! Tell us what you like, what you dislike, as well as your opinions and suggestions. We’re here to listen, and together, let’s make the game you’d like to play!


Age of Explorers
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