Age of Superman: Idle Grow

Official Launch(KR) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 초인의 시대: 방치형 키우기 (by DAERISOFT)

Monsters of unknown origin appear on Earth, and ‘superman’ who subdue them also appear.
Unidentified monsters and superman, the ‘age of superman’ is here!

Naver Webtoon Super Rookie ‘The Age of Superman’
How to become a hero in a world where different races appear and save the planet!

-Explosive battle of superman vs heterogeneous race, now the era of superman begins!

Rapid growth! Superhumans who received the power of Mother Nature’s one-hit fatality! Defeat this race!

A human with superpowers, super special kills, super powers, and transcendent powers is coming! The Age of Superman!

“The hot and thrilling action is coming!”
Let’s blow up this race with powerful action!

초인의 시대: 방치형 키우기

“Curious about the next episode? Enjoy the original as it is!”
The original faithful RPG that contains the original!

초인의 시대: 방치형 키우기

“Let’s defeat this race with a combination of various superhumans!”
Create your own strategy by forming a team with unique characters!

초인의 시대: 방치형 키우기

“Fast growth and rewards as long as you keep the game on!”
Idle game to enjoy with simple operation and neglect!

초인의 시대: 방치형 키우기

“Superman has become superhuman! Let’s grow into a superman!”
Let’s acquire various costumes and skills through scent awakening!

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