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Age of Valanti: Tribe Heroes

Early access(CBT)+Apk

💡Platform – Android

Period: June 8, 04:00 2021 (UTC0) – June 21, 2021, 04:00 (UTC0)

The description of Age of Valanti (by Jade Interactive)

Welcome to Valanti, where you will embark on your legendary adventure as the chief of your tribe! Summon heroes from all over the world to fight together to defeat mighty monsters! Build your own tribe and strive to become the top tribe in the world of Valanti.

Don’t worry about time commitment: Age of Valanti has been designed as a casual and relaxing gaming experience and is perfect for short bursts or longer play sessions.

Immersive Art Style
Breathtaking visuals! A true visual gem rendered with PBR, transporting you to a world filled with wonder and excitement.

Age of Valanti: Tribe Heroes

Intuitive Gameplay
Battle with extreme ease! Control heroes and show their skills with just a slide or tap of the finger and let the AI take care of the rest!

Age of Valanti: Tribe Heroes

Various Unique Heroes
Choice matters! 6 factions, 4 careers. A total of 23 legendary tribal heroes are waiting for you to experiment with!

Age of Valanti: Tribe Heroes

Choose your own Tactics
Strategy is key! Choose the right hero for each battle and equip them with the right gear to complement their unique skills and easily secure victory for your tribe.

Age of Valanti: Tribe Heroes

Non-stop Battle System
The fun never stops! Heroes will continue to fight for you and obtain countless items and gold coins even when you’re offline.

Grow your Tribe
Experience it all! Participate in tribe construction, resource production, trade with other tribes, and experience true tribal life.

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Age of Valanti: Tribe Heroes
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