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Agent Veggie BCO

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Agent Veggie BCO (by VNG ZingPlay Game Studios)

Agent Veggie – A product from Board Craft Online Platform
Welcome to “Agent Veggie” – The Great Green Adventure. This is a delightful multiplayer game for 4-16 players. In this world, veggies take the center stage, not as snacks, but as vibrant characters embarking on an epic journey. However, within this lively bunch, there’s a twist – some are loyal veggies, while others are mischievous intruders in disguise. Players are divided into two main factions, each with their own set of fun objectives and missions.

Everyone shares a beautiful game map, where all the exciting missions unfold. Whether you’re completing tasks or being an intruder, the aim is to fulfill your faction’s goals for a chance to win.

Teams and How to Win:
Mission: Accomplish a variety of playful tasks designed for the team. It’s all about cooperation and having a great time.
Winning Condition: Successfully complete all your missions and ensure all intruders are found, maintaining the peace and fun of “the Veggieland”.

Agent Veggie BCO

Intruders – The Troublemakers:
Mission: While pretending to be friendly veggies, your goal is to sneakily disrupt their efforts. Work together to spread giggles and light-hearted chaos, eliminating the veggie side.

Agent Veggie BCO

Sabotage Targets: Fun places like the water system or biological station are your playgrounds.
Winning Condition: Causing trouble, ensuring the veggies are too distracted to fix sabotaged systems, or by having as many intruders as veggies.
If you’re an intruder, unleash your inner prankster! Use creativity and stealth to introduce funny obstacles and challenges, keeping the game exciting and unpredictable.

Agent Veggie BCO

As a veggie, your power lies in teamwork and joy. Complete tasks, share laughs, and use your intuition to guess who might be secretly playing tricks. Remember, it’s all in good fun!

Agent Veggie BCO
Agent Veggie BCO

“Agent Veggie” isn’t just a game; it’s a celebration of fun, strategy, and the playful spirit of cooperation set in a world of veggies. Will you band together to keep Veggieland happy and harmonious, or will you be the intruder? Gather your friends, pick your side, and let the delightful adventure begin!

Agent Veggie BCO

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