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Akashic Chronicle (JP)

Official Launch+Apk

Project start: June 3, 2021

💡Platform – Android | Ios

The description of アカシッククロニクル (by Moonton)

An easy-to-use high-quality running RPG.
When the land of dawn was on the verge of death, the legendary “Apocalypse” reappeared in the world …
This is the story of the battle to save the world.

[Adventure in an unknown world]
-An adventure across an uncharted continent, from vast fields to arenas and taverns in castle towns.

Experience a vivid battle, the adventures of over 100 heroes, and the history of the land of dawn.

[Easy and very strategic battle]
-Organize 7 types of heroes and create the strongest team.
Try 5 classes, different skills and equipment, and different combinations.
-Defeat superior enemies with unique looks.


[You can win even if you leave it alone, fight by letting go]
-Get great rewards even when offline!
–Easy win with autoplay!
-Simple operation, convenient for beginners!


[Many awards, you can win without paying]
You can get deluxe rewards like SSR hero by logging in for 7 days.
-Get different rewards in different game modes.
-Get tons of rewards as you progress through the story.


[Easy friend registration, adventure together]
-Sign up as a friend in one step.


Make new friends in free chat.
-Create a guild with your friends and challenge the guild battle!

Official website


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