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Alchemists’ Garden (JP)

Official Launch + Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Alchemists’ Garden (by Nerd Troll Games)

Adventure in a different world while nurturing the city of Hakone!
Welcome to the world of fantasy puzzle RPGs that are nostalgic and beautiful.

Alchemists' Garden

A story of a distant country in a different era
Since the alchemist’s eggs will become full-fledged, the task given by the “Academy” is to grow the town of the miniature garden that houses life and achieve good results in the “Garden Conquest” that competes for the top. As the student council president, you will challenge this tournament as an instructor for three inferior daughters.
Let’s go on an adventure aiming for the top of the creation of a miniature garden while deepening the bond with friends.

Alchemists' Garden

Carefully box garden x exhilarating puzzle
Take an adventure to explore another world while nurturing a miniature garden!
Since you can play quickly in the gap time, you can switch modes at any time without wasting time.
Make your garden and characters richer and stronger with materials brought back from another world.

Alchemists' Garden

Characters with rich individuality
From kemonomimi to android, the unique residents of the miniature garden will support your adventure.
All characters can be trained to the highest rarity!
Find your favorite character and add it to your adventure.

Alchemists' Garden
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