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Alice Final Weapon : Idle RPG

Soft Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Alice Final Weapon : Idle RPG (by kikike corp.)

Final weapon Alice Synopsis
Dr. K, who researched Artificial Biotech for his badly injured daughter, got attacked by an armed force called ‘LB corporation.’ LB corporation blows up Dr. K’s lab, leading to a biomatter leak. Leaked biomatter starts to mutate the organism into monsters. After an emergency Artificial bio treatment, Dr. K’s daughter Alice held a weapon and tried to protect loved ones from the monster.

Game introduction

– I am the only one! Adorable costumes!
Alice like to dress well even tho she is a warrior! With a pretty and cool costume, make your character!

Alice Final Weapon : Idle RPG

– No for the boring idle! Dodge & Attack, fun interception battle!
No more just watching Idle! At 1v1, battle with the giant boss, avoid patterns, and get fantastic items!

Alice Final Weapon : Idle RPG

– Today is my day! The fun of getting the unique item at Boss farming!
What’s for today? A diablo-like farming system will give you various joys of farming!

Alice Final Weapon : Idle RPG

– Trial makes me strong! Various types of enhanced content!
With Non-stop enhancement systems, break through the stage until you stop!

Available: Google Play – PH

Alice Final Weapon : Idle RPG

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