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Alice in Diceland

Soft Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Alice in Diceland (by Noustree)

Use different shapes of dice, complete missions to earn rewards, or compete with other players to enjoy the game.
In Alice in Diceland, you can play the game in three modes: ‘Mission’, ‘Cash Game’, and ‘Tournament’.
In addition, you can enjoy various contents such as friends, items, card books, leaderboards, and leagues.

Mission Mode
In Wonderland locations, free butterflies trapped in vines, mine gems and coins, and find traces of Alice hidden in the ice.

Occasionally face off against characters from Wonderland and solve missions to obtain various rewards.
Mission Mode consists of 200 stages, requires an entry ticket, and has clear goals for each stage.
If you clear a stage, you will receive rewards such as DrinkMe, Coin, Card, Dice, and you can challenge the next stage.
Try the Cash Game where you compete with other players with DrinkMe obtained in Mission Mode!

Alice in Diceland

Cash Game Mode
Real-time battle against friends or other players!

Gameplay maps designed based on the Alice story.
Each play area can be entered according to the amount of DrinkMe you have, and the amount of DrinkMe required for the match is different.
The more DrinkMe you win in the places you need to play, the more DrinkMe and big rewards you get.
Cash Game is basically 2 to 4 people playing together in one place and competing.
However, there are channels for each play location, so you can compete with more players by reflecting points for game play victories through Time Tournament.
In Time Tournament, points are calculated according to the amount won, and there are a total of 10 stage rewards depending on the points obtained.

Alice in Diceland

Tournament Mode
A real-time confrontation to prove my skills, where I can taste a greater sense of achievement and tension!
A Tournament is a game that starts when all four players are present in a system-generated room at the play area.
There is a different entrance fee to enter each play area, which will be deducted from the amount of DrinkMe you have.
For a fair game, participants will be given the same temporary DrinkMe amount, which will be used temporarily in the Tournamet.
The bet amount for each tournament increases with the starting bet amount according to a specific time, and the amount is continuously increased at each stage.
Four players will play the game with the DrinkMe money awarded, and the rankings will be determined in order of 4th, 3rd, and 2nd in order of losing all the money paid out.
One person who wins without losing the finally paid DrinkMe wins, and receives many rewards.

Other content

– Check rewards, gifts from friends, and system announcements

Player Profile
– Check player’s game propensity and play information

Alice in Diceland

– Search, invite, accept, and gift friends

– Purchasing goods and goods required for the game

– Purchase and install necessary Pawns and Dice Items in the game

– Acquiring cards for each chapter given as rewards and opening the card box
– Replace duplicated cards among the cards you have with other cards

Alice in Diceland

Leader Board
– Check various ranking information on a daily/weekly basis for all players or friends
– Checkable ranking categories
: Mission Stage Clear Count, Card Collection Count, Tournamet Point Acquisition, DrinkMe Acquisition

– League consists of 5 levels. (The number of members per league may vary depending on the number of participants.)
: Champion , Master, Elite, Pro, Rookie
– The league is reset every week, and rewards are given.
– There are three types of rewards: goods rewards (DrinkMe), item rewards (Card Box), and emblem rewards (Frame, Symbol).
: Emblem rewards are given for one week after acquisition.

Available: Google Play – US, CA, PH, etc…

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