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Alien Intercept

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Alien Intercept (by Super Niman Dev)

Alien Intercept : Defender of the Interstellar City’s Glory

In the vast realm of mobile gaming,Alien Intercept soars with its distinctive Q-style cartoon urban design, guiding players on an interstellar adventure. Its innovative real-time combat mechanism immerses players in interstellar battles, facing off against alien creatures in a thrilling and exciting experience. In this interstellar world, players will meet heroes with unique abilities, working together to fight against zombies, insectoids, and mechanical monsters, defending the peace and order of the universe.

Alien Intercept

Alien Intercept : Guardian of the Interstellar City

Alien Intercept is a casual card game set in a planet devastated by a biochemical disaster. Viruses ravage the land, and behind it all lies the sinister hand of alien forces. Players will take on the role of a brave commander, shouldering the responsibility of saving the planet. Leading various forces, players will seek out the source of the virus and liberate cities ravaged by it, becoming the last hope for humanity. Along the way, players will uncover the alien forces’ conspiracy and expose traitors hiding in high positions.

Alien Intercept

Alien Intercept: Unique Features

Alien Intercept boasts diverse features and gameplay. Vehicle coordinated combat allows players to deploy recruited heroes and mechanized vehicles to fight together, providing powerful support in battles. Hero squads can be freely combined, allowing players to flexibly assemble the strongest team based on combat needs. Random city events bring endless surprises, letting players delve deeper into heroes’ backgrounds and earning generous rewards. Exploring alien collections also allows players to collect rare items during their adventures, enhancing their heroes’ abilities.

Alien Intercept

Alien Intercept: Varied Gameplay

In Alien Intercept, players will enjoy a wide array of game modes. The main storyline guides players through a series of missions, revealing the truth behind the virus and liberating cities under its control. Hero legends allow players to delve into each hero’s background story and abilities, unlocking generous rewards. Arena duels pit players against others in strategic combat, testing their commanding skills. Cross-server championships gather commanders from all over, competing for the ultimate honor.


Alien Intercept: Standout Highlights

The highlights of Alien Intercept lie in its unique development system and guild cooperation. The lossless development system allows players to reset heroes, equipment, and other resources without loss, providing more possibilities for development. The mech evolution system gradually upgrades mechanized vehicles from ordinary cars into powerful combat mechs, enhancing combat capabilities. Guild cooperation enables players to team up with like-minded individuals, taking on bosses, participating in guild championships, and competing for guild honors. Guild dungeon explorations allow players and guild members to delve into dungeons together, facing challenges and sharing generous rewards.

Available: Google Play – VN

Alien Intercept

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