Alive Island

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Alive Island (by PLAYTOZ Corp.)

Game Introduction
Survive in the harsh wild!
Explore the strange island and enjoy finding new land as well as cute monsters.
How about building up my own hideout starting from nothing?
Enjoy experiencing fishing and cooking to ease your hunger!
Protect yourself from monsters by equipping various weapons!
Gain EXP to learn skills for survival and survive longer to compete with others!

Alive Island

Game Feature
– Survive longer! Live competition with other players with survival records!
– Cute Pixel Graphics
– Newly created island exploration every time

Alive Island

– A Rougelike game that gets stronger as you die
– Various equipment and monsters!
– You can become the Fishing Master! Catch a big fish to compete with other players.

Alive Island

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