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The description of Alliance of Light (by Benana)

CBT time: August 27th 11:00 (GMT +8) – September 3th 23:59 (GMT +8)

“Alliance of Light” is a Japanese two-dimensional adventure mobile game, combining cards and classic PRG elements, to accompany the princess on the adventure, and jointly protect the kingdom of light as the main storyline. It gathers hundreds of hero card illustrations and a new layout. In the battle strategy gameplay, players can make a decisive victory through pre-battle deployment, as well as freely combine arms and hero transfer skills to easily defeat the evil empire!

[Princess War Hymn: Guarding the Light Kingdom]
Anime voice actors are assembled, and the whole Japanese story is dubbed!
The classic original adventure story, with the main-line theater-style performance, and the Japanese voice actors give the character soul, creating an immersive experience of the Japanese two-dimensional JPRG.

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[Arrange the battle and use strategy to win]
Arms control mechanism, new combat operations!
The tactical and changeable layout gameplay influences the battle situation through the combination of formations and arms before the battle. The heroic force skills are used in the battle to seize the opportunity to guide the battle to victory.

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[League of Heroes Fight for the light]
Change freely, form and cultivate the strongest army!
An epic hero biographical level, it’s easy to get the fragments, and with the transfer of advanced enhancements, you can gather hundreds of top heroes to protect the alliance without the need for the Golden Liver Emperor.

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[Special dungeon challenge without limits]
Alien mazes, hunting, darts, and explore new areas!
Interesting and diverse activity copies, shaping the repetitive playability of the level, rich and attractive rewards, satisfying the adventure needs of all players, and finding many novel elements beyond imagination!

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[Multi-system experience new gameplay]
Home construction, arenas, equipment towers, resources are easy to start!
Participate in various experience activities to grab equipment resources, quickly increase the combat power of the army, upgrade home buildings, protect the national city, and build defensive towers to resist other players’ attacks.

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Available: Google Play – SEA

Alliance of Light

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