Allstar Renovation


💡 Platform – iOS

The description of Allstar Renovation (by GC TECHNOLOGY LIMITED)

Travel to the anime world, build your team with mighty heroes and start marvellous battles.

-Excellent game experience, bring you to anime world and relive some epic scenes again.

Allstar Renovation

Summon legendary heroes and use Noble Phantasm. You can have an intense and hot-blooded adventure together with your favourite anime heroes while saving the world from crisis.

-Splendid anime graphic brings you a wonderful visual experience

Allstar Renovation

Brand new grand battle background, exquisite animation-rendering. What are you waiting for? Join us now!

Allstar Renovation

-Idle and easy simulation gameplay with massive rewards

A relaxing game has multiple action gameplay. Enjoy the game in your spare and leisure time. Massive rewards will bring you an entirely different experience.

Allstar Renovation

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