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Ancient Battlefield

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Ancient Battlefield (by Viana Da Silva Laura Bernice)

Ancient battlefield is a role-playing game. Use ropes and stones to catch pets that only belong to you. Fight with pets and grow together.You can have hundreds of pets.

The story takes place in a continent in the stone age. The tribe here has a strong folk custom. People often organize competitive activities and cave exploration to strengthen their physique. Not only that, because of the ancient technology inherited here, people can also make powerful equipment to facilitate exploration and battle. But one day there were many monsters in the deep jungle that had never been seen before, each with different attributes and talent skills. But the residents here were not afraid. People began to take pride in defeating powerful monsters. Moreover, the people of the tribe would tame their young animals as pets, let them learn skills, enhance the strength of the team, and then move from the depths of the forest to challenge the more powerful monsters ahead.

Ancient Battlefield
Ancient Battlefield
Ancient Battlefield

You can enjoy unique fun through simple clicking, and show different battle appearances according to the combination of pet attributes, skills and lineups.

Enjoy life in the Stone Age

Capture all kinds of riding pets and show off your exclusive pets to your trainer friends

It can also be matched with different fashions. Pets also have their own fashions. Then let’s dance together!

Fight together, eat meat together, and marry his or her beloved.

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Available: Google Play – MY, SG

Ancient Battlefield

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