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Ancient Crown (CN)

Official Launch+Apk

Project start: June 3, 2021

💡Platform – Android | Ios(SG)

The description of 上古王冠 新马版 (by Woobest Game)

Ancient Crown is a high quality and strategic mobile card game based on western magical adventures. The use of next-generation modeling, realistic scenes, GPU particle effects, and PBR rendering technology has resulted in high-quality graphics, displaying film-level animation effects. There are special systems like secret exploration, treasure hunt, national championship, etc. Easy placement and play, fun and easy! !

-Full 3D modeling-
High-quality artistic performance honed through the use of next-generation 3D normal modeling, lifelike scenes, GPU particle effects and PBR rendering technology.
All the beautiful and promising heroes are waiting for you to collect them and create your own adventure team.

上古王冠 新马版

-Good strategy not to burn your brain-
Swinging control by 1% is the key to victory! The strategic composition can be selected as you wish.
The proposed gameplay, such as secret exploration, relic adventure, national championship, and so on, will allow you not only the joy of growing, but also the pleasure of strategy selection.

-Easy to post and get resources-
Leave it on for five minutes, all resources are available! Collect resources at any time.
Buddhism is widespread and cultivated, rich in rewards, cheerful and simple.

上古王冠 新马版

-T1 heroes must be drawn in the first draw-
For the first draw, you need to draw T1 heroes, and for level 20 – 100!
Wait no more, take a chance now!

-National Championship-
Free PVP arena! Compete in groups and finally compete for the championship and second season. It’s time to test your strategy and strength!
All entrants have prizes for quizzes, free bets, online discussions, and funny spits.

上古王冠 新马版

-Hero Stories of Fine Products-
Each hero has a unique backstory, challenge the hero levels and get gifts from the heroes!
Open a memory gap, find a mysterious connection between heroes and experience the joy, anger, sadness and joy of each hero!

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上古王冠 新马版
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