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Ancient Empires: 2021 Edition

Early access + Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Ancient Empires (by Taras Hupalo)

The game is still in Beta that means “under active development”.

A new reincarnation of Ancient Empires – the famous turn-based strategy game in a fantasy setting.

Tutorial – introduces you to the gameplay, characters, and world of Ancient Empires.

Ancient Empires: 2021 Edition

Story mode – once you’ve mastered the mechanics, put your knowledge to the test in a series of 8 demanding missions.

14 unique unit types with different abilities – take command of swordsmen, archers, catapults, golems, and even dragons and necromancers.

Ancient Empires: 2021 Edition

Custom Games (Skirmish) – choose from a variety of maps, set up the rules, and play with or against AI or human players via local, hot-seat play.

Different types of terrain (forest, mountains, water, etc.) give different bonuses for defense however slow down some units (except dragons of course :)).

Ancient Empires: 2021 Edition
Ancient Empires: 2021 Edition

What’s next:
– More animations.
– Map editor. Actually, it’s not just a map editor but rather a scenario editor where players can create their own campaigns.
– New campaigns. We are going to extend the existing storyline.
– New units and unit editor.
– Dynamic unit evolution – level up your units, unlock talents and skills.
– New graphics.
– New game mechanics (unit abilities, artifacts, magic, etc.)
– Online PvP.

Ancient Empires: 2021 Edition
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