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Ancient Sword Qimen Yanjia

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of 古劍奇門偃甲 (by m.s)

“Ancient Sword Qimen Yanjia” is a 3D turn-based card game. The game continues the orthodox and classic world view and starts a new story around Yanjia. As a Yan teacher, you will immersely experience exciting new stories, exquisite and beautiful ink style graphics, multi-dimensional character training to create unique Yan armor, leisure home collection and cultivation fun, PVP competition and other new gameplay, and strive to achieve top Yan Art master!

At the end of the Battle of Phoenix Tomb, all the sects of Yanshu joined forces to trap the Gongshu clan in the East China Sea Kuroshio. After the war, various families jointly founded the Yanshu Alliance and named it “Cloud Gate”. So far, the Gongshu clan has fallen.
With the passage of time, the two sects of Yunmen, who supported the old dynasty, and Taiyi Xuegong, a new sect of Yanshu, who supported the New Deal, were like water and fire due to their different positions. At the same time, the young Cui Han was in charge of killing his brother at the Taiyi Academy Liuguang. For this reason, he sneaked into the Taiyi Academy in the name of studying under the pseudonym “He Jiu”. But after getting along with everyone in Taiyi Academy, he found that the murderer seemed to be someone else…

3D animation, immersive story experience
“Inheriting the classics, innovating the old and bringing forth the new”, the original orthodox team traces the origin of Yanshu, presents a new story of the coexistence of Yanshu and Xianxia, ​​and re-expands the picture scroll through 3D story immersion experience.


Excellent sound and picture, ultimate enjoyment
Inheriting the excellent national art style, the professional art team is personally responsible for the scenes, original paintings and characters, performing high-standard interpretations, only to bring the best visual experience.
Xia Lei, Chen Yiwen, Yang Ou, Shen Dawei, Ke Muqing, Sun Ye, Vinegar, Xu Hui, Liu Shengbo and many other well-known seiyuu participated in the full dubbing production. The super-long voice story brings the ultimate auditory feast.

Leisure play, relax your mind and body
Home construction, farming, cooking, fishing, and a variety of ways to find abyss accompany you through every spare time in the world of Yanshu, allowing you to experience the joy of rural life while saving the world of “Yanshu”. In addition, there are also core gameplays such as Qianqiu Opera and Hongmeng Realm waiting for your discovery.


There are everything to develop and battle, and define a new way of playing cards
The dual setting of “character” and “hobby” will cultivate a unique multi-dimensional armor. The combination of armor training, PVP and PVE gameplay shows the autonomy of card training in all aspects, and your armor is defined by you.

Inherit the tradition, innovate the gameplay
The gameplay of “Qianqiu Opera” adopts the style of traditional folk art “Shadow Play”, combining the classic mission plot and story information, and innovating on the basis of cultural heritage. Combining the elements of the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter, the multi-lineup strategy combination can meet all your strategic needs.


High explosive rate, strong lineup
The high-star cards are guaranteed to be released, and the cards are highly developable. Only the strong cards have no waste cards. Flexible collocation of armored skills, clever use of Qiling collocation, mastering content restraint, and defeating the strong by the weak is no longer a fantasy.

Meet friends and explore together
You can meet many friends with unique abilities in the world of Yanshu, explore the best team, strengthen the team and become the strongest Yanjia division together! The interactive page provides followers, fans and message board services to realize real-time gameplay exploration of the game.

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