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Angel Squad (ID)

Official Launch+Apk

Angel Squad’s grand launch will begin on June 9, 2021 at 12:00 AM UTC.

💡Platform – Android | Ios

The description of Angel Squad (by LYTO)

Entering the 21st century, the highly advanced alien civilization “Far Star” arrives on Earth! They only have one goal, which is to completely control the Earth.

Project Angel is immediately activated to save Earth’s destruction. Project Angel succeeded in making humans have many times the power by injecting special genes into their bodies.

Various beautiful and cute girls from all over the world were selected to take part in Project Angel. This chosen girl was later named Angel and was admitted to various Academies to undergo training.

Apart from undergoing training within the Academy, the Angels are also tasked with exterminating the aliens and reclaiming cities in the world. While on a mission, the angels in charge are called ANGEL SQUAD.

Beautiful Visuals With Anime Style
A beautiful anime style game with a perfect combination of Shooter and RPG.

Angel Squad

Dozens of unique angels with different weapons and classes
Every battle requires different weapons and skills from each Angel

Voice Actor From Famous Anime Voices
Voiced by, who are certainly familiar to those of you who often watch anime, will make you feel closer to the angels

Angel Squad

Each Angel’s Unique Skill Upgrade
Each Angel has a Unique Skill that is different from other angels. Upgrade Skills to strengthen your ideal team with your Angel.

Various Charming Angel Skins
Certainly Angel doesn’t have just one outfit. Get a variety of beautiful and charming Angel Skins.

Angel Squad

Invite Your Angel to Dating
you can take a date with your favorite Angel. Take them together to a Playground or Café and enjoy the evening together

Angel Squad

Decorating Your Angel Dorm Room
Angel needs a room to rest. Make sure you make a comfortable room for your Angel

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Official website

Angel Squad
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