Anima of Quantmix(P2E) – iOS

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Anima of Quantmix (by Quantmix)

‘Anima of quantmix’ is a global P2E game in genre of Collective RPG.

Game Introduction
A collect-type RPG where you can enjoy adventures with charming Animas full of individuality
Animas’ development content realizing through your own battle design

More than forty different cute Animas are waiting!
Full voice of Japanese luxury voice actors♬
Enjoy the real vivid sound!

Anima of Quantmix - P2E

Anima’s unique SD incarnation
Classy high-quality illustrations!
From spectacular effects to exhilarating battle action~

Anima of Quantmix - P2E

The rich history
Anima’s chaotic epic!
Would you like to hear our sweet and bloody story?

Anima of Quantmix - P2E

Diverse growth content
Strengthen, link, break the limits!
And my oath with my Animas?!

Anima of Quantmix - P2E

PVP Arena
Win with your own strategy and your own battle plan!
If you win, a surprise gift awaits you♬

Anima of Quantmix - P2E

Guild System
Create the strongest guild with your colleagues!
Compete in the Guild Raid and get rich rewards

Medium/Gift Codes –

Official website

Anima of Quantmix - P2E

Created by ©PalmassGames

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