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Animal Inc.- Casual Sim Tycoon

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Animal Inc.- Casual Sim Tycoon (by Loongcheer Game Global)

The story starts in a cave restaurant under the forest.
Bear Butler is worried about how to run the stores. and You, as the Boss of the restaurant, will start your business plan by recruiting staff, cooking food, building facilities and establish an prosperous underground kingdom.

Animal Inc. is a casual simulation game with cartoon style. Here, you can recruit Basketball Chicken, Tony the Duck, JK Meow, Music Meow and Hip hop Doggy to help you manage the restaurant!

Besides, there are also various gameplays, like material production, exploration, mining, production contest and so on, come and enjoy different gameplays!

Game Features

Funny Cooking and Delicious Food
-Interesting and unique way to get food materials. Could you image that a pork soup is made from the sweat of an exercising pig;
-Various 70+ recipes for you to unlock. Novel and funny food you never met before, like civet coffee, Salmon Sashimi, pork soup etc.!

Animal Inc.- Casual Sim Tycoon

Be a Restaurant BOSS and Run the Wonderful, Stylized Cave Business
– Build Rest Chairs, Fishman Center, Doll Machine and other facilities to enrich the cave;
– Finish more and more orders to get a lot of resources to upgrade stores.

Recruit and Foster Staff
– Unlock and foster different staff like Cute Chicken, Tony the Duck, Hip hop Doggy, etc to help you manage your business;
– A good Boss also need to care about the mood of staff, put some entertainment facility and build a perfect environment for animal;

Animal Inc.- Casual Sim Tycoon

 Negotiation Battle and Area Scramble
– Arrange the negotiating lineup and occupy more areas to expand business realm;
– Challenge Bosses and obtain rich resources.

 Cave Exploration and AFK Mining
– Auto mining makes it easy to play and may get special chests!
– Arrange staff to explore may obtain rare materials.

Animal Inc.- Casual Sim Tycoon

 Never-ending Fun with Minigames
– Attack thief raccoon and guard the food;
– Clean up the rubbish to keep the stores clean, sometimes you will find surprising rewards;
– Play funny mini-games such as radar exploration, negotiation arena and king of salty fish to gain lots of resources.

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Animal Inc.- Casual Sim Tycoon
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