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Animal Wizard

Early Access+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Animal Wizard (by LoadComplete)

Luna, the Witch of Darkness, who dares to destroy Wonderland, and Alice, the Witch of Light, who tries to stop the doom.
Alice and the Animal Wizards begin their journey to awaken the savior of Wonderland.
Will Alice and the bestial beings bring peace to their kingdom, or will it be devastated by the Darkness?

Our savior, the fate of Wonderland is now in your hands.

Animal Wizard

Main Features:
– Avoid and defeat waves of evil
– Explore around the infinite map, find yourself powerful artifacts, and collect mana to acquire new abilities
– Play, unlock new characters, upgrade anything that will make your character survive longer
– Survive in the Endless mode and compete for higher rank with other players

Animal Wizard APK
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