Animiya AFK – Epic Battles

Official Launch(VN) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

Language: Vietnamese

The description of Animiya AFK – Epic Battles (by GAMZ JSC)

Welcome to the mysterious land of ANIMIA, where a legendary journey begins with endless battles.
The one who holds the fate of this continent is you!

Unique role-playing scenario. Creativity in every detail.
Story Animiya – Epic Battles will take you into a series of intertwining and sequential stories of each of the gods, revolving around two forces – Creation and Destruction in a mythical land ruled by the Goddess Animiya.
The adventure will begin with mysterious legends with countless unknown for posterity, gloomy plots waiting for the dawn or an endless battle arena.
Apart from hands-free turn-based AFK battles, this is a must-try story!

Hands-free fights – Good game play without plowing
Excellent features, small size – only 300MB without additional download with AFK function and idle delegation, busy all day long, you can still fight endless games with Animiya – Epic Battles.
Vibrant anime style, modern graphics displayed on a vertical screen – enjoy a mythical world that is both young and intimate, epic and heroic all in one hand!

Animiya AFK - Epic Battles

Skill Training Arena – Participate in siege battles to get great gifts.
Round-the-clock arena – love rolls over, today dig tomorrow to the top! PK squad or three in a row, top-notch tactics, dominate the arena, get super gifts.
Siege warfare – Ability to train once a day, complete a stage – set a record, a great reward in hand!

Animiya AFK - Epic Battles

Cross-server battle frenzy – Search for TOP leaders
The 64 best players from the arena will be able to take part in a cross-server crazy season that goes through 4 rounds to find a champion and receive noble titles and generous rewards.

Animiya AFK - Epic Battles

Army Corps Training – Defeat the Invasive BOSS
Join the legion guild to increase combat power and resources through mercenary activities, train, win and fight with the BOSS to gain power from the goddess Animia.
By actively participating in legion activities, you will accumulate points to buy free items!

Plenty of activities – Combat game is not boring
Explore treasures with your teammates, go on a picnic, explore over 200 floors of the Abyss, overcome difficult obstacles to get big gifts, or turn into government employees to earn money,… join Animiya – Epic Battles, drop the station war games 24/7.
Not just AFK generals, Animiya – Epic Battles is a mythical world for anime fans, a promised land exclusively for turn-based tactical players.
Find your destiny or decide the fate of Animia?

Available: Google Play / App Store – Vietnam

Animiya AFK - Epic Battles

Created by ©PalmassGames

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