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Another Prince ~A Lost Tale~ (Romantic Otome Game)

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💡Platform – Android | Ios

The description of Another Prince (by Abracadabra Games)

Well then, why don’t you turn the page and get started?
Enjoy this world overflowing with love and tragedy!

Another Prince ~A Lost Tale~ is a visual novel featuring various figures from common fairy tales like Cinderella, the Little Mermaid, and Alice in Wonderland. Dive into this sweet, heartrending story while you seek to discover the mystery of the “vampire’s blood”!

The princes suffer from a blood curse and have been turned into vampires. Your blood, however, holds a special power… What sort of heart-pounding situations might you end up in?

Solve the mystery with these sexy princes in this fresh retelling!

Another Prince ~A Lost Tale~ (Romantic Otome Game)

The Story
You find a book filled with old fairy tales while working at the library.
“Cinderella”… “The Little Mermaid”… “Rapunzel”…
You grew up with these stories and know them well.
You keep flipping the pages… but all the stories stop halfway through, the pages blank!
And wait, why are all the princesses drawn as princes?!

The princes of this new story all hide a Blood Curse, their stories unending.
And why would they end? The princes still have much left to do.
It’s up to you to figure out just how their stories will end.

Another Prince ~A Lost Tale~ (Romantic Otome Game)
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